Enterprises move to Imperva
for world class security

Faster response

Accelerate containment with 3-second DDoS mitigation and same day blocking of zero-days.

Deeper protection

Secure applications and data deployed anywhere with positive security models.

Consolidated security

Consolidate security point products for detection, investigation, and management under one platform.

Comprehensive digital security

Application Security

  • Automatically protect applications and APIs anywhere
  • Protect applications from DDoS, bot, and supply chain attacks
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Network Security

  • Ensure optimal availability, access, and bandwidth
  • Protect applications from disruptive bot attacks
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Data Security

  • Secure sensitive data across on-premises and cloud environments
  • Simplify compliance and audit reporting
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Cloud-native Security

  • Provide security that keeps up with DevOps
  • Completely protect applications and datastores
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Security Automation

  • Multi-layered threat detection and response
  • Orchestrate risk investigation and remediation
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Protecting modern web applications

Enterprises need security at multiple layers to effectively protect against different types of attacks and reduce risk.

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Assure data compliance and privacy

Streamline processes and know what data you have, where it is stored, how it is handled, and by whom.

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Prevent account takeover fraud

Have confidence that your web applications are protected against today’s automated account fraud.

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Stop software supply chain attacks

Gain control of risky behaviors between custom and third-party application components.

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Mitigate malicious data activity

Protect against malicious data access to defend the end of the attack chain as XDR solutions cannot.

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Automate insider threat management

Use continuous visibility and automation to shut down high-risk privileged data access.

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Ensure consistent application availability

Automatically optimize and protect at the edge to minimize the likelihood of downtime with zero performance impact.

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Embed security into DevOps

Provide developers with the tools they need to adopt the latest technology and prove it’s safe for management.

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Securely move your data to the cloud

Grow beyond compliance monitoring to secure cloud data with minimal disruption to users during transition.

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